It’s the first day of May! Already?! Yikes! Two months to go and it’s my birthmonth, yehey! Not sure what to feel honestly though. Haha!

Earlier today I was trying to create my own blog site and I found out that I already had this account way back year 2011. And for the past 6 years I have not created any blog entries yet. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to have my own blog before but for some unknown reason I did not manage to do it, so I’m pretty much excited to have finally created my very first blog entry! I’m not a techie person, I don’t even know what HTML is haha, and I am currently using my cellular phone as I type this so I’m still a noob about this whole blogging thing. It’s kind of difficult to edit or whatsoever, and I think WordPress looks way different through a computer than this small gadget in my hand.

As I was typing the second paragraph, I was thinking what entries should I post or write about? Should I formally introduce myself? Is it needed? I’m thinking what kind of a blogger shall I be? I’m thinking of categorizing this as my “pre-formal first blog entry” since I’ve got nothing to share about yet. I was actually planning to have my very first entry exactly on my birthday. But I guess I got excited so… LOL!

Alright, I’ll formally introduce myself now (just because I feel like it haha). Hmm nah, let’s save it for the next entry. I’m eclectic, so anything goes. I’ll publish whatever I can and whatever I want. But heads up, I am a Filipina, so there shall be blogs in Filipino or Taglish (Tagalog/English) words.

Have a happy Labor Day! 🙂

P.S. I have not yet edited nor customized my blog site’s theme, color, fonts and whatnots ‘coz it’s hard to do so with my phone. So yeah, it looks ewan. Haha

– Cha


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