Suking Labahan

Scene 1
Setting: Alas otso ng umaga. Bahay.

Maganda ang gising. Excited sa date. Plano mong suotin ang paborito mong blouse na bigay ng boyfriend mo. Naligo at nag-almusal. Pumunta ng kabinet upang magbihis. Ngunit hindi mo makita ang favorite blouse mo. Hanggang sa maaalala mo na lang na madumi at nasa labahan pa pala ito. Pisti!

– fade to black –


Don’t you just hate mornings like this? Haha! Years ago, life was so easy back then when my mom’s still with us and we still have our own helpers to do house chores. Now that I’m a full-grown adult with no helpers anymore, doing laundry is the very least thing I would gladly do. I hate it for some reasons: I find it boring, time consuming, some detergents are too strong (nagbabalat at sugat ang kamay ko kahit onting kusot lang ang gawin), ang hassle magbanlaw at sampay, at kahit may washing machine hindi ideal gamitin everyday kasi magastos sa tubig at kuryente. And admit it, sa sobrang busy sa life, nawawala na sa isip at nakakatamad maglaba, di ba?

There are numerous laundry shops within our  place at Camella Homes and I have tried some of them, but there’s this new laundromat that literally caught my eye recently. I mean, it is kind of impossible for people not to notice it since it’s half open.

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My curiosity led me inside and here’s what surprised me…

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Colorful, hip-looking and very inviting interior (wall color pa lang pak na pak na)


photo 5

Hugot/cheesy banat wall (this is so witty and my favorite haha)


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A television to keep customers entertained


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They have 12 big machines—all new, sturdy, state-of-the-art and so pretty (parang nakakahiya gamitin hehe)


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Easy-to-follow guideline wall


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They also sell merchandises like detergent, fabric conditioner, soap, other household cleaning items


At eto pa, laundry fee is only 10 PESOS PER KILO or 70 PESOS for 7KG PER LOAD FEE! And I heard that every month they offer promos. Ayos di ba?

And what’s so cool about this shop is that it’s a SELF-SERVICE LAUNDROMAT! It’s my first time to have seen something like this in Cavite and I have always been intrigued on what it is like. So I came back and brought my soiled clothes with me at hindi ako nagpahuli. I tried the self-service myself. Naexcite ako! Haha!

Tara, laba tayo!

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STEP #1: Weighing of laundry. As this would determine how many loads and how much fee you would be paying


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STEP #2: Put your laundries in the machine. Then they will provide you with liquid detergent and fabric conditioner (1 cup of each) with no additional charge


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STEP #3: Both detergent and fabric conditioner are being put in a separate bin located at the upper left of the washing machine. Since this is my first time, I asked Ate Roda on how to do it. Liquid detergent to the left, while the fabric conditioner goes into the blue square hole on the right

The machines are all automatic. Once you’ve put your laundry, the machine will weigh and decides how long the wash cycle would be. Like mine for example, my clothes weighed around 4kg and it would be washed in a span of 57 minutes according to the machine itself. Ang cool, right? Ilagay mo lang ang damit mo at machine na ang bahala sa lahat even sa control setting. See that black pad-like thingy at the upper right corner of the machine (look at photo below). It might look intimidating, but really, it’s easy to use. I think kids can even navigate it.

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STEP #4: And now, you wait. If you’re feeling a little hungry, go outside, check around and you’ll be glad to see na ang daming tindahan or carinderia sa paligid

During my younger years, wala pa masyadong kainan dito sa amin. Wala pang 7 Eleven, Alfamart, spa, gym, at kung anu-ano pa. But now, they are everywhere! So much has changed in Camella Homes. Don’t know if I’ll be happy or not though. Since ang dami ng tindahan, nasisira ang diet ko. Huhu!

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STEP #5: Once the wash and rinse cycle is done, the machine will give you a signal alarm like a cute cellular phone ringtone. At first I thought someone’s playing a game or something. I was quite surprised that it’s the machine itself. Haha! Uy, ang linis na ng towelette ko hehe


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STEP #6: Here’s my most-awaited and favorite step—the drying stage. They own 3 big dryers and 2 additional ones that are much bigger. Feeling ko nga kasya ako eh chos! My dryer was put to set to 35 minutes


photo 1 (4)

While waiting, this little cutie kept me company all throughout. Meet the shop’s mascot, “Suki!”


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Final Step: Yehey, it’s done! Time to smell and enjoy the freshness of the laundries. Mmm… So bango at mainit-init pa! 

Suking Labahan also works best for people who don’t have time to do laundry themselves o tamad talaga maglaba because they offer FULL SERVICE as well—they can wash, dry, fold and pack your laundries in an abot-kayang price too! All you have to do is drop and pick up. If I were to choose, I’d prefer to have my laundries done here than to hire a labandera at home. I believe it’s cheaper, practical at hindi mo na need magbantay kay ateng labandera sa bahay.


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Here’s Ate Roda as she washes, dries and fold clothes 


After the experience I can definitely conclude that Suking Labahan is perfect for:

✔️Perfect for those meticulous people who don’t want their clothes to be handled just by anyone. Dito, bantay sarado mo ang labada mo. So it’s guaranteed that you will never lose any garment or clothing.

✔️Perfect for those maselan or maarte people. NEVER mahahalo o ihahalo ang laundry mo sa laundry ng iba as per load or batch is being washed separately. Who doesn’t want that?

✔️ Perfect for those who are skeptic. I myself had tried other laundry shops but I always wonder how they manage to clean my stuff. I mean, do they wash it long and hard enough? Do they wash it together w/ other people’s clothes? And how do they dry it? I have no idea. Simply because most laundromats only have a small physical store with no machines or whatsoever. Unlike Suking Labahan, it is an open shop with complete paraphernalias where clients can fully witness how their laundries are being properly treated.
✔️Perfect for those who don’t own any washing machines or dryers at home. It’s about time your hands be rested once in a while.

✔️ Perfect place to have your big sheets and comforters washed. They own 7 big durable washing machines that can accomodate even your heaviest home curtains. And I think eto ang madalas pinoproblema ng lahat, kung paano maglaba at magsampay ng kobre-kama, kumot at kurtina.

✔️Perfect for on-the-go mommies and daddies. In this world where everyone’s so busy, we all want everything in an instant. After washing, diretso dryer and you’re good to go. It’s that easy. Imagine the time na matitipid mo. Kung noon, maghihintay ka pa ng isang araw para matuyo at maitupi ang mga damit, ngayon it will only take approximately 2-3 hours of your time to finish everything.

✔️Perfect for those who own a small or studio-type homes na walang space masyado as sampayan. Dito, hindi mo na need mamoblema kung saan pa magsasampay as your clothes can be dried automatically after washing. Pagkauwi mo ng bahay, itutupi mo na lang.

✔️It’s also perfect as the weather’s very unpredictable nowadays and the summer season is about to end. You’ll never have to worry about your sinampay when you leave the house. You’ll never have to endure that icky kulob smell of clothes dahil hindi natuyo nang maayos kasi walang araw. Nakakainis yung feeling kung kelan ka naglaba dun biglang uulan? O yung papasok ka sa work at amoy kulob ang damit mo, nakakaturn-off! God, I hate it!

For the first time in my life, I literally had fun and it felt like I totally did nothing while doing laundry. Super petiks lang. It’s cool pala to do it in a public setting. You’ll never get bored as you’ll tend to socialize with other people or with the owners. But if you’re the shy or non-sociable type, you can simply watch the television as you wait for your laundry to be done. Nga pala, earlier we were watching an NBA game. Cleveland Cavaliers streamrolled the Boston Celtics 130-86 to take a 2-0 lead in the East finals. As usual, Lebron was the highest pointer of 30 points.

I think I could tambay here all day. I super love everything! From the colorful interior, to the detergent and fabric conditioners used, to the friendly and attentive owners na walang sawa kakasagot ng mga tanong ko haha, to the affordable laundry fee and to the whole comfort and convenience of what this shop can offer.

And I also notice one thing, I went here at 8:15 in the morning, maaga pa lang pero for waiting na yung laundry ko. And by 10:00 am various customers swarmed the shop continuously—look oh, daming nakapilang baskets to be done. Suking Labahan has only been running for 4 months and yet they have managed to gather suki and loyal customers already. It only means that their service is indeed good and never disappointing.

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And wait, did I mention that they also have FREE WIFI?! Yun ang inaabangan mo noh? Haha!

Thank you so much Ate Roda, Kuya Ian and Mr & Mrs Ricamora (not in the photo) for the assistance. A big thanks also to Luigi and Mich for putting up this one-of-a-kind laundromat. God bless with your new business venture!

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with Ate Roda, Luigi and Kuya Ian (I looked so haggard sorry haha)

So will I come back? Yes! Will I recommend this to everyone? Of course! Visit Suking Labahan and try this whole new laundry experience for yourself without hurting too much of your time and pocket. It is absolutely sulit!

Doing laundry has never gotten this fun and easy. Laba-laba na mga suki! 🙂


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