DJ Digong Dantes of MOR 101.9 For Life!

In every school there will always be this one alumnus that will catch us by surprise where he ended up with the coolest profession amongst everyone. From our batch in gradeschool, I think, no questions asked, it is Dunhil.

I spent my primary education at La Camelle—the very first established school at Camella Homes Subdivision Bacoor. Some of my batchmates and I were one of the pioneer students when it started around 1989. It was a small preschool back then; having the former Directress/Founder/Principal’s (Mrs. Josefina Gaerlan) house as the location. As our mini school gained its popularity and enrollees, they built a bigger learning center enough to accomodate the demand of a growing number of students. But it is still a small school though, with only one section per grade level and each level only consists of 30 (or below) students. But what’s so good about having a low-numbered class is that natutukan kami nang husto ng mga teachers and my classmates and I grew up closely with each other. There were some petty bully students (haha), but I don’t remember na may magkaaway o nag-aaway talaga sa batch namin.

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