Why blog?

Because why not? Haha.

I remember when I was in college around 17 years old, I had an ex boyfriend who loves to write and he’s very very good at it. He used to give me cards and love letters and he even created beautiful poems just for me. We used to have this one notebook where we would write to each other every day (just like having a diary) and we’d take turns after a week or whenever we had the chance to see each other. It was actually pretty sweet and unique. He was not just an ex lover but a bestfriend as well. He was not my first boyfriend but he was my first real love. What we had was like a Romeo-and-Juliet-kind-of-thing. We were very young then and I was such a rebel impulsive girl in a way that I would willingly sacrifice my family and even my studies just to spend time with him. BUT I’m not saying that he was a bad influence. He is a good guy. It was me not being a good girl. All I wanted that time was to be happy and live life the way I want to live it—being carefree.

I myself love to write as well. I used to have my own diary and filled it with my daily musings and secrets. But I’ve burnt my diaries years ago. I think I felt scared to the idea that someday someone would be able to read everything I wrote there. I have changed for the past years after college and a lot of unfortunate things had happened. I woke up one day and found myself that I’m tired of journal writing. That’s the time I decided to burn all of it. Since the era of Facebook had begun year 2007, and everything went virtual, my fond of writing on pen and paper faded. It felt as if I’ve lost a little part of me. I had a new ex boyfriend, we became boyfriends one semester before graduating. We also write to each other, he also gave me some love cards and such but the same spark that I have felt with words with my ex bestfriend’s writings wasn’t there.

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